Workshop: Linear logic, mathematics and computer science


This workshop consists of invited talks and contributed ones on topics related to linear logic in its relations with mathematics and computer science, for instance, but not exclusively:

  • proof-nets
  • denotational and categorical semantics, game semantics
  • linear type systems
  • implicit computational complexity


The workshop will take place at ENS de Lyon.


The preliminary program is available (click on a session to acces the details).

Invited speakers

Contributed talks

  • Proof diagram for linear logic (Matteo Acclavio)
  • A Semantic Account of Metric Preservation (Arthur Azevedo De Amorim)
  • The Expressivity of Some Fragments of Subexponential Logic (Kaustuv Chaudhuri)
  • Typing of MCCS (Multiplicative Calculus of Communicating Systems) in Ludics (Stefano Del Vecchio)
  • On Linear Modalities for Exchange, Weakening, and Contraction (Harley Eades)
  • Linear Logic Properly Displayed (Giuseppe Greco)
  • Semantics of linear logic and higher-order model-checking (Charles Grellois)
  • Dissecting the PAM (Stefano Guerrini)
  • Categorical combinatorics of non-deterministic innocent strategies (Clément Jacq)
  • The dark side of multiplicatives: non sequentializable connectives of linear logic (Roberto Maieli)
  • Comparing BOX and ! via polarities (Sonia Marin)
  • Coherence Spaces for Resource-Sensitive Computation in Analysis (Kei Matsumoto)
  • Commutative algebra with a view towards (dependent) linear logic (Paul-André Melliès)
  • Theorem proving for first-order linear logic (Richard Moot)
  • Coeffects and graded linear logic (Dominic Orchard)
  • Data and Function Types in Ludics (Alice Pavaux)
  • A Geometry of Interaction for Classical, Probabilistic, and Quantum Effects (Benoît Valiron)


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